Monday, February 9, 2015

Welcome, Visiting Poets!

Last week, students in my creative writing elective hosted visiting poets Cahaley Markman and Abbey Hellauer for the first of a two-part writing workshop. Part One was a success as Abbey and Cahaley helped students access their own experiences and memories as inspiration. I was impressed by how comfortable the kids felt sharing such personal work and also how much they enjoyed the process. In fact, they all volunteered to come back to the classroom during lunch/recess to continue writing. Here are some of my favorite moments and resources from the day.

Warm-up: Let's go around the circle and each of you tell the story of how you got your name.

Prompt: List as many sentences as you can that start with "I remember." Feelings and abstract nouns are okay, but try to use as many concrete details as you can.

Student writing: I remember swimming in the pool with my eyes wide open (S.I., age 13).

In the spring, Cahaley and Abbey will return to work with these same students on the revision process. We can't wait!